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MoD Health and Safety Handbook JSP375 Vol 3 Chapters 1 Policy and 2 Common Requirements

Gas Monitors / Gas Detection Units

Know by various names such as GDU’s Gas Detection Units, Multi Gas Monitors, 4 in 1 Gas Monitors, whatever you call it, it is the most important piece of equipment that you will use.

These are some of the most modern gas monitors on the market, starting with basic functionality and reduced price, to man down sensors and even intrinsically built in comms.

The Blackline GC7 includes intrinsically safe comms utilising the SIM technology and includes man down functionality with remote call monitoring.

The Scientific PGD3 IR is the only unit that can be turned on anywhere because it has infrared sensing.

With all that said and all the features added to these unit it can not compensate for the human factor and the amount of people who do not know how to recall PEAK GAS READINGS from their selected monitor.

As a trainer this is one of the biggest issue, I have to address for delegates that are on a refresher course. All too often when questioned they simply tell me they get out of the hole when the alarm goes off!

All this is fully covered on our courses and we also offer 6 monthly calibration on some units such as the MSA AltAir and BW Microclips at competitive prices of £30 per unit plus postage.

Gas detection unit - 4 in 1 gas monitor
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