CITB Confined spaces in construction

CITB now haveCITB Confined Spaces Course 8 short duration courses for confined spaces in construction.

This consists of 4 training courses and 4 refresher course:

With the exception of the high risk course these are all entry level courses

To attend a refresher course you must of first done a course at that level, i.e. someone who held a medium risk course could not do a high risk refresher course.

Pre – requisites

All course have an entry lever of 18 years or older, and all courses and refreshers last for 3 years.

Low, medium & high risk course also require that you are physically fit and weigh 136kg or less as that is the SWL of some of the equipment you will be using.

High risk you need to be clean shaven to ensure a good face fit.

All 8 courses are pass/fail courses, none are attendance courses.

Once a delegate has passed a course this will be registered with CITB so your credentials can be confirmed or checked at any time.

All training will be done in a classroom facility and our mobile training unit thereby removing all real dangers from the training. The only exception to this will be if a client requires training for bespoke site or facility, then this will only happen after the client has produced a suitable risk assessment for the training that is subsequently approved by the ATO.


All courses are in English