Confined Spaces Training

Accredited or In-House Training?

The water Industry are adament that you must have City & Guilds accredited training, where as the Construction industry varies from place to place. Some organistions do not require accredited training they simply need to prove competency.

There are many different classification systems for confined spaces in place, you require training that suits your classifications and requirements. As an employer your legal obligation is to provide suitable and sufficient training for your employees. That said there are many considerations, do you enter a multitude of confined spaces on a regular basis, such as open severs, water tanks manhole and tunnels, or do you only ever have to go into one specific space as part of your job like a biomass storage tank?

Look at the pictures and see if any of these are familiar to you, or look like the type of area you may have to entre.

City & Guilds Accredited Water industry

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