6160-08 Level 3 Working as a Member of a Rescue and Recovery Team in Confined Spaces
(3 Day- Follow on course)

Delegates must be clean shaven and should hold a First Aid qualification
This qualification is about working in confined spaces as a member of a rescue and recovery team. An emergency team will need to be available when the risk assessment for a confined space determines that it is necessary. An emergency team is a dedicated team and may be an in-house team, specialist contractors or the emergency services by prior arrangement.

This qualification includes preparing to carry out emergency activities, entering and exiting confined spaces safely, using emergency equipment, casualty recovery and handling devices in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications, rescuing and recovering casualties, following procedures and working safely.

During completion of the task Centres should simulate real life scenarios to assess candidates’ ability to solve problems and deal with incidents and emergencies whilst in the confined space

Important: completion of this qualification requires a pre-requisite of 6160-03*.

  • Equivalent qualifications must cover the same content as the current National Occupational Standards and be confirmed by the centre. The centre must submit a Centre Update Form (CUF) to their City & Guilds Quality Team to advise of the equivalent

Centres must always ensure that the learner has achieved the qualification and retained the pre-requisite knowledge before they enrol on a programme. The EQA may request to see evidence of this during their next routine quality activity. Evidence should be certified copies of certificates, supported by notes from a professional discussion or a ‘skills scan’ that has been reviewed by a qualified assessor.

Equipment Requirements for Emergency Rescue and Recovery

  • Self-contained compressed air positive pressure demand breathing apparatus of nominal duration 30 minutes to appropriate specification. The equipment selected should reflect the industry areas in which candidates may be working. (Spare cylinders to maintain training exercises will be required)
  • Air-line or trolley set compressed air breathing apparatus complete with spare cylinders, nominal duration one hour complying with appropriate
  • An artificial casualty, to be anatomically correct as reasonable for the exercise involved. This casualty should be in the region of 50-60kg. Risk assessments, including manual handling, for the practical exercises must include the handling of this “casualty”
  • Hand operated resuscitators
  • Oxygen assisted resuscitator
  • Static and portable first aid kits
  • Face shields for demonstrating rescue breaths
  • Resuscitation manikin plus extra face parts or disinfection equipment
  • Training versions of AEDs (automatic external defibrillator)

Delegate requirements:
Should hold a First Aid qualification
PPE to include safety boots, gloves, hard hat, full body coverage. Knee pads are desirable.

Be physically fit and weigh no more than 136kg and be clean shaven (Otherwise may be removed from the course)
Minimum age 18
Arrive ready to start at 0800 hrs

Exc VAT  £510 / Inc VAT £612, Includes all training costs, C&G registration and card, just add my travel costs. Reduced rates for 6 or more delegates, (Minimum day fee £700 plus my travel & VAT)

Above prices assume cleared payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different rates apply