Qualsafe Health & Safety in the Workplace Level 3

At level 3, this course is aimed at Section/Team leaders responsible for looking after their own departments, or simply an individual who wants the higher level award to appear on their CV.

This course covers everything on the Level 2 award in more depth and where possible involves walking round the workplace to look at the work environment. This course is a lot more interactive with the delegates participating in course work for a lot of the course.

This qualification forms part of the QA Health and Safety suite of qualifications. The qualification and learning outcomes are based on the recommendations of: National Occupational Standards (NOS) related to health and safety in the workplace and  recommendations of good practice outlined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

This qualification develops a detailed understanding of health and safety in the workplace and builds on health and safety awareness to provide the Learner with more advanced health and safety knowledge.

Objective: The objective of the qualification is to benefit Learners through developing more advanced health and safety knowledge. It covers understanding the requirements for health, safety and welfare in the workplace and legal requirements, the benefits of using a health and safety system, understanding the principles of risk assessment, understanding the risks and control methods for common workplace hazards and how to manage the effects of accidents and ill health.

Individual cost £295 plus travel (minimum day charge £350 plus travel)

Above prices assume payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different tariffs apply

H&S Level 3

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