6160-03 Level 2 Working in High Risk Confined Spaces
(3 Day-Standalone-Entry level course)

Delegates must be clean shaven
A high risk confined space exists when there is a specified hazard that cannot be controlled or eliminated. There may or may not be access issues and candidates are expected to carry out their work activity in the presence of this specified risk.

An exit from this confined space is triggered when pre-arranged safety margins are breached.

As this a high-risk environment, candidates must enter with appropriate respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and wear it throughout the operation.

This qualification must be assessed in a high-risk environment. For standardisation, please ensure that a confined space is used that meets the water industry NC4 or NCX setting.

NC4/NCX Complex access and egress that do not meet any of the classifications above or involving complex operations which introduce additional risks and require specific controls and rescue arrangements eg mechanical hazards, physical complexity of system introduced hazards, enhanced specific intrinsic hazards.

Delegate requirements:

PPE to include safety boots, gloves, hard hat, full body coverage. Knee pads are desirable.
Be physically fit and weigh no more than 136kg and be clean shaven (Otherwise may be removed from the course)
Minimum age 18
Arrive ready to start at 0800 hrs

Exc VAT  £510 / Inc VAT £612, Includes all training costs, C&G registration and card, just add my travel costs. Reduced rates for 6 or more delegates, (Minimum day fee £700 plus my travel & VAT)

Above prices assume cleared payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different rates apply