Bespoke Confined Spaces Courses

Some companies prefer to have bespoke training courses created for their specific requirements, other must have bespoke training.

The law states you must have suitable and sufficient training, it does not state you must have accredited training. City & Guilds forbid confined spaces training on live sites, as such City & Guilds accredited training course are inappropriate for some companies.

Aircraft manufacturing plants have rooms as big as a house with multiple laths and moving parts that are certainly confined spaces. These rooms do not fit into the normal categorisation of C&G courses and therefore need bespoke training.

It is often the case that a factory identifies a problem area and seek advice and training to safely access an area and potentially perform a rescue from said area. This is where bespoke training comes in as a fresh set of eyes can often identify issues and solutions not previously identified.

Please note we can adapt a course to include your companies paperwork to suit your delegates and your companies requirements.

If you require First Aid training as part of a course or as a pre-requesite se can do that for you as well

The ACOP L101 stipulates that once a confined space has been identified it then needs to be classified according to its level of risk.

Simple access like basements:


Vertical access such as manholes and excavations:

More complex access like sewers, and pit & duct systems used for Telecoms: