Qualsafe Work at Height Level 2

The Work at Height course explores the Hierachy of Control, the difference between Fall Arrest & Fall Restraint with practical application and different work related enviroments.

At Level 2, we are looking at the basic requirements of your workforce ensuring they have suitable and sufficient training to do their job. Firstly they will learn about the Hierarchy of Control which is fully explained and why we need to install collective control measures which includes things such as Anti Climb devices before individual control measures.

Going hand in hand with the Hierarchy of Control you will then learn about the difference between Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint ensuring you make the correct selection which is complemented with a practical session.

You will also learn about Legislation, Risk Assessment, Rescue Plans and Harness Suspension (Also known by various other names).

We will also at basic ladder safety, MEWP’s, Mobile scaffold towers.

Note this is not a Scaffolding course, for that you will require separate training.

Above prices assume payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different tariffs apply

working at height