3 Day Working in High Risk Confined Spaces with Full Breathing Apparatus (BA) (NC1-4)

C&G 6150-03 Water UK, 3 day course

3 Day course, Level 2 High Risk Confined Spaces Training. This covers the use of Full Breathing Apparatus (Full BA) to enter a known hazardous area and perform tasks as required. You will also learn how to use a BA Board to control entry of  team members and monitor. This course also covers the content of the level 2 medium risk course so there is no need to do one course first followed by the next. If you have this requirement, simply do this course which will be more cost effective and save you time.

Some companies have older more experienced workers who they simply want to use as supervisor /topmen and control the work activates, for this you can do the 6150-04 level 3 confined spaces high risk topman course which will be run in conjunction with the high risk course.

Some companies consider this a specialised area of work and as such would rather call a contractor in to do the work for them. That said with the water industry is common practice to go into high risk areas more so than in the construction industry.

Individual cost £40 C&G Registration + £455= £495 plus travel, reduced rates for 6 or more delegates, no VAT to add (Minimum day fee £350 plus travel)

Special offer £4490 up to 10 delegates any location in England and Wales (For other locations please contact us for details)

Above prices assume payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different tariffs apply

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