Covid19 – Safety Measures 

On site training, minimising contact with other people. All courses limited to a maximum of 8 delegates, temperature checks, hand sanitiser and facemasks. Overalls are available and each delegate has their own set of equipment, no sharing. Training will be done on site so you don’t have to travel to a strange distant location, saving you multiple travel & accommodation charges. You simple pay our travel costs 

See individual pages for prices on your desired course

All charges listed include everything required less my travel. You simply need to ensure you have all your own PPE (Boots, gloves, helmet, knee pads and full body coverage). All specialist equipment is provided and all courses start at 0800 hrs each day unless agreed otherwise in advance, such as night training or early starts to co-inside with shift rotas.

In House Confined Spaces Training

Confined Spaces Training delivered at your premises anywhere in UK, and this is the most popular and cost effective training for four or more delegates. While I do not have a minimum number of delegates there is a minimum charge of £350 per day plus my travel costs. Simply look at the prices on my website which must be paid within 14 days of training. If more time is required to make payment let me know and I can quote you accordingly as per our payment terms.

in house courses

Confined Spaces work is arduous & entrants need to be physically fit to attend
All candidates will be required to sign a self-declaration to that effect
They should also weigh less than 136 KG / 21.4 Stone, as this is the maximum loading of some of the equipment

These are pass or fail courses, not simply attendance courses

With In-House training there is no set syllabus, however we very much mirror City & Guilds training without the necessity to have a separate trainer and assessor. With one person delivering the whole course we can build a repour with the delegates and we will know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the delegates. Our coding for these courses are:

We also have the HEAD 15 rescue (Quick simple rescue)

Simply answer some basic questions:

Do you require a basic working knowledge of Confined Spaces & a requirement to enter such things as manholes and culverts?  Yet you can be seen from the entry point and can exit the space within 30 seconds, then you need Low Risk Confined Spaces CS1.  This involves the use of Winch, Tripod and Harness, but not the Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA).

Do you need to penetrate a system or have multiple entrants who cannot exit within 30 seconds or can be seen from the entry point, then you require Medium Risk Confined Spaces CS2, which includes the use of Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) and all entrants will have their own individual Gas Monitor.  If you need all this and more, then its High Risk Confined Spaces Entry that you need.

If you are required to go into known hostile environments that will require the use of Full Breathing Apparatus (Full BA), then you require the High Risk Confined Spaces Entry CS3 course that covers everything beforehand.  Alternatively, if you already hold medium risk confined spaces then this can be done as an add on.

Do you need your own confined spaces rescue team?  If so firstly they need to hold High Risk Confined Spaces plus Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) or higher and will require the Rescue Course CS4.