This course has now been superseded by:
6160-03 Level 2, Working in high risk confined spaces

6150-53 High Risk Level 2 Confined Spaces Course (3 Day)

Similar to water 6150-03 High Risk and meets the identical requirements with the exception that you simply call the chamber high risk rather than NC4.  Due to the nature of the high risk entry a Permit to Work system will almost always be in use. It should be noted that when working in medium risk chambers people may have beards and facial growth as you can have appropriate escape sets with neck seals rather than face masks that cater for that. This is not the case on high risk when you are wearing Full Breathing Apparatus to purposely enter a know hazardous environment. For this you must wear a mask type set and ensure you have a good face seal. To that end it is always recommended that entrants are clean shaven.