1 Day Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces (NC1)

C&G 6150-01 Water UK, 1 day course

1 Day course, Ideal for people who need a working knowledge of Confined Spaces and only need to go into low risk confined space areas, giving an awareness of the associated paperwork and equipment. The level 2 low risk course includes use of Winch, Tripod, Harness but not Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA). Water UK describe it at a shallow chamber i.e. that is when you stand up your head is above ground level, good easy unobstructed access, good ventilation and not likely to flood. City & Guilds refer to shallow as an area requiring fall arrest. Due to its limitation there is very little demand for Level 2 low risk confined spaces courses.

Individual Cost £40 C&G Registration + £ 145 = £185 Reduced rates for 5 or more students and no VAT to add

Above prices assume payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different tariffs apply

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