This course has now been superseded by:
6160-02 Level 2, Working in medium risk confined spaces

2 Day Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces with Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) for Self-Rescue

2 Day course, This is the most popular City & Guilds Confined spaces training course and has two categories of medium risk NC2 and NC3 level 2. NC2 includes use of Winch, Tripod & Harness and gas monitor for vertical entry into deeper chambers where the entrant can be seen from the entry point and make a quick exit. Generally we are looking at 30 seconds but this is purely a guideline not a rule. Typically, this will be a single entrant that always stays attached to the winch line thereby negating the requirement to use escape breathing apparatus (EBA).

This course also allows entry into the NC3 level 2 confined spaces, where the entrants will be moving away from the entry point. As soon as we start talking about team entries and traversing a chamber all entrants will require their own EBA because it will take longer to get out. They will also require their own multi gas monitor so they can check the air quality in the area they are working in. A chamber with multi-level platforms or nonstandard entries can also be considered as medium risk, in some instances this may be considered high risk.