MOD JSP375 3 Day Authorised Person course

This is a 3 day course orientated around confined spaces management and the issue of Permits To Work (PTW) in confined spaces


The MOD have a tried and test management programme in place that looks after confined spaces on their estates and workplaces. Organisations such as NHS hospitals, Universities or Colleges have brought into this system to control access in to the vast array of confined spaces found within the campus area they have to control.

Firstly you cover the confined spaces requirements then you get an depth look at the paperwork side, participating in various scenarios that you then get feedback on. You also look at document storage and what you should have to enable the smooth running of your area of responsibility.

So people only need the paperwork side of this course so that is tailored for in any group requirement

Exc VAT £295 / Inc VAT £354  plus travel (minimum day charge £400 plus travel)

Above prices assume payment is made within 14 days of training, otherwise different tariffs apply