Why choose us

We are the trainers, we are not a booking agency

We do not sub contract work out, but other training companies do subcontract to use or simply get use to do their training. If you book an on-site City & Guilds Confined Spaces course, look at the training unit and see who’s company name and logo are on it.

We are all time served, experienced personal in our specific fields of teaching and we all have several years experience teaching our various specialties. None of us have simply sat down in a classroom and watched a colleague teach a course a couple of times, then started to deliver a course ourselves.

Because we are the trainers, you can talk to anyone of us directly about your training requirements and time schedules and clarify anything you want. You don’t have to wait and try to contact another person, you are dealing with us, the trainers, directly. We do not sub-contract any work, however, that said if we simply cannot fit you in because we are too busy, then we will refer you to someone else so you can then deal with them directly.

We do not promise to price match a competitor or to be the cheapest there is. We do pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality training we can, as and when required, something that can be confirmed by our reviews and testimonials. Simply look at our ‘What our customers say’ page.