Payment Terms

VAT Registration number: 372 422 902

You will be charged on “Tariff A” unless you choose a longer payment term, the Tariff you are charged directly reflects the time taken to pay.

All prices quoted are based on “Tariff A”, which assumes cleared payment is made within 14 days of training.

Cleared Payment within 15-30 days after training will be charged at “Tariff B” (+20% of Tariff A)
Cleared Payment within 31-60 days after training will be charged at “Tariff C” (+40% of Tariff A)
Cleared Payment within 61-90 days after training will be charged at “Tariff D” (+50% of Tariff A)

While we fully appreciate some companies have a 30, 60, 90 day or other payment polices, it is their obligation to ensure that information is made clear at time of booking a course so the appropriate tariff can be applied to any quote offered.

If you exceed the time of your planned payment Tariff you will automatically be charged at the next higher Tariff, and so on until you reach “Tariff D”. Tariff D requires payment within 90 days after training. 91 days after training you will be considered a late payment customer and as such you will be charged interest on “Tariff D” under the:

Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (amended 2002 & 2013)
This charge is 8% above the bank base rate, plus a fixed fee.

Cheque payment:

Cheques should be presented 4 working days prior to deadline to allow cleared payment to be made on time, i.e. with 14 days of training.

Additional fees:

Milage: Return mileage from SN32BD at 65ppm

Saturday / Sunday / Night work can be booked for an additional fee of £75

Transiting London congestion Zone £20

Parking will be charged at cost
Accommodation on successive nights will be £60 per night
Over 100 miles or 2 hours driving I will use overnight accommodation

Cancellation fees:

Within 2 working days notice 100% of invoice
3-4 Working days notice 75% of invoice
5-6 Working days notice 50% of invoice
7-8 Working days notice 25% of invoice