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The Semmco HEAD 10/15/30 oxygen rebreather Escape Sets have been in service for more than 15 years and undergone many modifications and now have a recognised place in the Confined Spaces Industry. The HEAD 10/15/30 escape sets give 10, 15 or 30 mins escape time respectively. While the HEAD 10 or HEAD 15 are suitable for many users, who currently use the Dräger or Scott EBA sets. The HEAD 10/15 offer fantastic savings over their 12 year life expectancy. Tunnel workers who need a longer duration set which is where the HEAD 30 comes into its own.

This set provides the user with 30 mins escape time and is much more comfortable than its competitors such as the MSA 30/100 or Savox because you do not have to put anything into your mouth, which means you can talk and use a radio.

So Why choose the HEAD 10/15/30?

Simple, the advantages are numerous:

Automatic start – instant O2 supply for up to 30 minutes, depending on unit selection
Maintenance free for 12 years, with revalidation at 6 & 9 years, lower through life costs than its competitors
No cylinder (which requires hydrostatic testing every 5 years) which is part of the cost reduction while also making the set lighter
Only 1.6kg in weight & easy to operate – only half day training required for your teams, or part of a confined space course for initial trainees
Unique latex neck seal and oral nasal mask design so no Face Fit Test (FFT) required
The warm oxygen enriched air does not hit the back of your throat like other units, but goes into an oral nasal mask via a heat exchanger before it is inhaled
Panoramic visor allowing optimum vision from hood, and easy to clear if it get steamed up
No mouth piece to restrict communication whilst wearing hood
Audio & visual safety alarm indicating 2/3 or oxygen supply/duration has been reached
Further audio & visual safety alarm indicating end of use under escape conditions
Complies to EN 13794 – PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 – ATEX Directive 94/9/EC

Unlike other rebreather units, if used in anger/emergency the HEAD 10/15/30 can all be refurbished at a set cost which is less than half the price of the original units, a service not matched by any other manufacturer.

We can offer you the units and the training you require now, be it a simple conversion onto the HEAD 10/15/30 escape sets, or part of a confined space course.

The HEAD 15 Working Set / Rescue Set.

Are you one of the many companies out there that think you do not need all this confined space training?

What if you need to enter a confined space such as a small tank, silo or a cement mixer, it may well be a construction site and you simply need to go into a trench or excavation, or a telecoms worker in an attic space, basement or jointing pit?  What would your action plan be for a situation where a worker collapses in one of the aforementioned confined spaces? Time is critical in terms of casualty survivability.  Employers have a wide range of legal duties, which includes having robust emergency arrangements in place, training to meet competency levels for confined spaces and rescue may involve anything from two to six days.

What if I said there is an excellent piece of confined space equipment that in the hands of a competent user could improve survivability rates.  Not only is it easy to operate once trained but the user will have great confidence in its effectiveness. The costs should be seen as an investment in safety and meeting legal requirements rather than financial expenditure.

If your sole purpose is to enter a confined space to rescue a worker quickly and effectively, then the HEAD 15 Working Set is the perfect solution for your business.  Similar to the HEAD 10/15/30 in design this unit is tested at a higher oxygen consumption rate allowing 10 minutes to enter and extract the casualty, then a further 5 minutes for the rescuer to exit themselves.

Trench work in the construction industry is no different, if a rescue is initiated in a trench or other confined space you can again be satisfied that the HEAD 15 working set will be put to use very quickly and improve the survivability of that casualty, again the ideal solution for you.

Congratulations, if you decide to explore this equipment further and introduce it into your Safe System of Work you will not only reduce overhead financial costs, you have also just reduced your training costs dramatically from five or 6 days, to one or two days depending on your requirements.  In a world of increasing legal provisions why not satisfy yourself that you have the most suitable and sufficient equipment to save an employee.  You will empower the workforce as they know you have invested innovatively to keep them safe in the event of an emergency in a confined space. Practicably you now have the training and equipment to safely perform a rescue on a colleague and potentially save their life.

Do not hesitate to get in touch on 0333 77 22224 if you require further clarification or advice regarding this equipment.

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