Safety systems and strategies in the workplace change depending on the need that arises in the industry and the latest health and safety requirements of your local government. To ensure that your workforce is constantly updated with the necessary safety knowledge and skills, they should take on workplace health and safety course training.

In this article, let us learn more about these training courses, specifically the ones offered here in Inspiration Training and their personal and professional benefits.

Personal and Professional Benefits of Workplace Health and Safety Training

Going through such training can benefit them immensely in many ways. One such benefit is having the needed health and safety qualifications. We’ve laid out the significant ones below.

1. It improves employee morale

Providing any employee of professional training gives them the feeling that their growth and satisfaction is valued by their employers. As a result, they feel valued, and this boosts employee morale. It is also important to note that employees will be safe in a company if they are valued, rewarded, and given the chance to communicate their experiences when at work.

2. It boosts productivity

Once employee morale is improved, employees will be able to work well since they do not only have the right skills and knowledge for the job, but they will also work knowing that what they do is of value to the company. And with this knowledge, they can boost their performance and activity at work.

With workplace safety training, employees can also easily focus on the tasks at hand without having to constantly worry about their health and safety, since they are already equipped with the right know-how on dealing with any instances that can potentially put them at risk.

3. It reduces absences

When employees are constantly exposed to health and safety risks, this can cause frequent illness and absences. In fact, between 2017 and 2018 alone, more than 30 million working days were lost because of work-related illnesses and workplace injury.

Such occurrences can be attributed to the fact that the staff may not have gone through health and safety training and the company is also not practising the right precautions to ensure that the place is both safe and conducive for working. If the employees have gone through training, it will lessen the chances of accidents and other instances that will push them to be absent at work.

4. It increases their knowledge and skills

Knowledge is indeed power, and the same applies when it comes to gaining knowledge and skills related to workplace health and safety. Employees will learn both the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees, health and safety laws, risk assessments, risk controls, accident and incident response procedures, and many more.

Health & Safety in the Workplace at Inspiration Training: Levels 2 and 3

Inspiration Training takes pride in having Health and Safety in the Workplace Levels 2 and 3, which are accredited by Qualsafe Awards. Below are more details about each of these training courses.

Course Overview: Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace

This training course enables employees to gain a better understanding of the various health and safety issues in the workplace. This also includes how every individual in the workplace plays a role in ensuring a safe and conducive workplace.

It only takes one day for this course. It covers the following:

· Roles and responsibilities of employers and employees

· Health and safety laws

· Risk assessments and risk control hierarchy

· Identification and control of common workplace hazard risks

· Accident and incident response procedures

· Incidents, accidents, and ill health recording

Course Overview: Level 3 Health and Safety in the Workplace

Take health and safety to a whole new level with this training program that is regulated and nationally recognised qualification that allows employees to learn more advanced know-how on health and safety.

This training is crucial for individuals who are planning to scale up to a supervisory or management position. This course can be completed in three days’ time. This covers the following:

· Common causes of injuries and ill health at work

· Control methods for common workplace hazards

· Health and safety compliance practices demonstration

· Health and safety information communication

· Health and safety legal requirements

· Health and safety terms

· Investigation techniques for revealing immediate and root causes of workplace accidents

· Principles of risk assessment

· Procedures for responding to accidents and incidents

· Roles and responsibilities of employers

· Safety management systems

Experience Quality Workplace Health and Safety Courses at Inspiration Training

If you want to avail of workplace health and safety training courses for your workforce, you can let them experience quality courses here at Inspiration Training. The best thing about our courses is that we do not outsource our training personnel, but we are trainers ourselves. Avail of our services by calling us on 033377 22224 today or by visiting our website on to know more.