3 Day UKPN Type A-C Confined Spaces Entry for Power Industry South East England 

Please note this course is run through another company for whom we do the training

If you have 6-10 delegates we can run a course just for you, with less than 6 delegates we would fit you onto one of our open courses .The power industry is a massive organisation with various companies around the country. UKPN is one of the companies that service London and utilise the colossal tunnel network under the streets of London of which the TUBE is only a small part of.

If you want to work within the tunnel network used or shared by UKPN then you need the appropriate training and qualification as dictated by UKPN and there are only a few companies that provide this.


Sub Station Entry (1 day), Ladder User (1/2 day), First Aid (1 day, see First Aid Page) and a personal medical stating delegates fitness to attend the course and climb ladders. If necessary we can arrange everything except the medical. The First Aid Course we can run at your site, so your delegates don’t have to travel you only pay for the trainers travel expenses. This course would be a Qualsafe Accredited Level 2 Emergency First Aid Course.

UKPN Confined Spaces Course are always run on live sites so you experience exactly the same conditions you will in real life when you actually start going into the tunnels. Due to the logistics of getting to various locations Day 1 is spent in the classroom at Dartford, Day 2 is at Orpington and Day 3 at one of the sites in London.  Day 1 is theory, paperwork and equipment you will be using. Day 2 we move onto our first location and do a bit more work on equipment and conduct a Type A & B entry. (For some people this is all they want or need). Day 3 is an early start to get into London where we go into the tunnel network and conduct an entry exercise first, which is then followed with a simulated (non gas related) rescue from the tunnel where a mannequin is used and put onto a stretcher and extracted from the tunnel.

Unlike Water UK categories NC1-4, UKPN have three categories of confined spaces, Type A,B & C.

Type A, Good access, poor ventilation. Basements that you can enter via a doorway or stairs, this requires an On Site Risk Assessment.
Type B, Vertical access, poor ventilation. Manholes & chambers, this requires Type B Entry Document.
pType C, Multiple access, communication problems and poor ventilation. This requires a Tunnel Entry Document (TED) which must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance

Typical cost £1000 each

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