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Open Course: City & Guilds 6150-02 Level 2 Medium Risk Confined Spaces Swindon
Book your open course at Swindon on 10/11 October 2019 only £335 includes £40 registration fee and no VAT to add

Carabiner types:

Note all item used for safety equipment must have a double action to open/close to avoid easy accidental opening, Snap Gate Carabiners only have a single operation and therefore should never be used with a Winch or Harness

       Snap Gate Carabiners                                 Twist lock Carabiners                             Screw Gate Carabiners                      Snap Hook Carabiners


Carabiners with shear pins fitted:

                                            Good serviceable shear pins                                                                                           Activated / used shear pins


Harness attachment points:

 For confined space work you should always have a  ‘Two Point, full body Harness’, conforming to BSEN 361. Primary fitting between the shoulder blades at the rear and front fitting on the chest. NO LETTER ‘A’ DO NOT ATTACH


Carabiners / Harness connection

There is a right way and a wrong way to connect a carabiner to a harness, the gate of a carabiner should always face outwards, never against the body. If the gate is innermost, the top of the gate itself can get trapped on the suspension point which creates a lot of stress on the gate itself, typically damaging it and preventing its removal once the entrant is at the bottom of the chamber

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