Gallery Fact File

Carabiner types:

Note all item used for safety equipment must have a double action to open/close to avoid easy accidental opening, Snap Gate Carabiners only have a single operation and therefore should never be used with a Winch or Harness

       Snap Gate Carabiners                                 Twist lock Carabiners                             Screw Gate Carabiners                      Snap Hook Carabiners


Carabiners with shear pins fitted:

                                            Good serviceable shear pins                                                                                           Activated / used shear pins


Harness attachment points:

 For confined space work you should always have a  ‘Two Point, full body Harness’, conforming to BSEN 361. Primary fitting between the shoulder blades at the rear and front fitting on the chest. NO LETTER ‘A’ DO NOT ATTACH


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