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Open Course: City & Guilds 6150-02 Level 2 Medium Risk Confined Spaces Dartford & Swindon
Book your open course at Dartford
on the 26/27 November or
Swindon on 28/29 November 2019 only £365 includes £40 registration fee and no VAT to add

These courses must be run at approved centres and are more expensive because of the duration and C&G Registration fees.

City & Guilds 6150 scheme confined spaces courses
Please note all prices listed assume cleared payment is made within 14 days of training.
Delayed payment will result in increased charged see https://inspirationtraining.co.uk/payment-terms/

Our trailer is now accredited to deliver City & Guilds Medium Risk and High Risk and Rescue Courses on site
Current offer £350 per person for 6-10 delegates plus my travel 


City & Guilds Level 2 Confined Spaces Training is not a simple description of your training course, as we have:

6150-01 City & Guilds Level 2 low risk confined spaces (water)
6150-02 City & Guilds Level 2 medium risk confined spaces (water)
6150-03 City & Guilds Level 2 high risk confined spaces (water)
mirroring this we also have:
6150-51 Level 2 low risk training course (non water)
6150-52 Level 2 medium risk training course (non water)
6150-53 Level 2 high risk training course (non-water)

Our prices INCLUDE City & Guilds registration fees, its not a hidden extra like many other companies 

1 Day Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces (NC1)
C&G 6150-01 Water UK, 1 day course   

1 Day course, Ideal for people who need a working knowledge of Confined Spaces and only need to go into low risk confined space areas, giving an awareness of the associated paperwork and equipment. The level 2 low risk course includes use of Winch, Tripod, Harness but not Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA). Water UK describe it at a shallow chamber i.e. that is when you stand up your head is above ground level, good easy unobstructed access, good ventilation and not likely to flood. City & Guilds refer to shallow as an area requiring fall arrest. Due to its limitation there is very little demand Level 2 low risk confined spaces course.

*Individual Cost £40 C&G Registration + £ 145 = £185* Reduced rates for 5 or more students and no VAT to add

2 Day Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces with Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) for Self-Rescue
C&G 6150-02 Water UK, 2 Day course

2 Day course, This is the most popular City & Guilds Confined spaces training course and has two categories of NC2 medium risk and NC3 medium risk. For the NC2 it includes use of Winch, Tripod & Harness and gas monitor for vertical entry into deeper chambers where they can be seen from the entry point and make a quick exit. Generally we are looking at 30 seconds but this is purely a guideline not a rule. Typically, this will be a single entrant that always stays attached to the winch line thereby negating the requirement to use escape breathing apparatus.

This course also allows entry into the NC3 level 2 confined spaces where the entrants will be moving away from the entry point. As soon as we start talking about team entries and traversing a chamber all entrants will require their own escape breathing apparatus because it will take longer to get out. They will also require their own multi gas monitor so they can check the air quality in the area they are working in. A chamber with multi-level platforms or nonstandard entries can also be considered as medium risk, in some instances this may be considered high risk.

*Individual Cost £40 C&G Registration + £325 = £365* Reduced rates for 5 or more students and no VAT to add

3 Day Working in High Risk Confined Spaces with use of Full Breathing Apparatus (BA). (NC1-4)

C&G 6150-03 Water UK, 3 day course

3 Day course, Level 2 High Risk Confined Spaces Training. This covers the use of Full Breathing Apparatus (Full BA) to enter a known hazardous area and perform tasks as required. You will also learn how to use a BA Board to control entry of  team members and monitor. This course also covers the content of the level 2 medium risk course so there is no need to do one course first followed by the next. If you have this requirement, simply do this course which will be more cost effective and save you time.

Some companies have older more experienced workers who they simply want to use as supervisor /topmen and control the work activates, for this you can do the 6150-04 level 3 confined spaces high risk topman course which will be run in conjunction with the high risk course.

Some companies consider this a specialised area of work and as such would rather call a contractor in to do the work for them. That said with the water industry is common practice to go into high risk areas more so than in the construction industry.

*Individual Cost £40 C&G Registration + £455 = £495* Reduced rate for 5 or more students and no VAT to add

3 Day Level 3 Confined Spaces Rescue Course

C&G 6150-05 Rescue course

The three day rescue course is for those who may have a need to entre a chamber to rescue an injured or incapacitated casualty. A prerequisite for this is that you hold 6150-03 high risk entry as you will entering a chamber and performing a rescue while wearing Full Breathing Apparatus. While not mandatory you should also hold some level of first aid training and Oxygen therapy would also be desirable for treating the casualty.

There are three types of rescue:
Non-Entry i.e. simply winch the entrant out as per low risk or NC2
Self-Rescue i.e. use of Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) as per medium risk or NC3
Search & Recovery i.e. we will send a rescue team into the chamber to locate and rescue the casualty as shown in the picture. Normally this will be gas related hence the requirement to already hold a high risk ticket as you will be in Full Breathing apparatus for the duration of the rescue.

The minimum requirement for a rescue team is 3 people, but 5 people is a lot more realistic figure allowing everyone an individual duty.

*Individual Cost £40 C&G Registration + £455 = £495* Reduced rate for 5 or more students and no VAT to add

Once the casualty has been extracted from the confined space they are then recovered to ground level where first aid can be administered.      Casualty treatment with CPR and Oxygen therapy

Construction / Non-Water related courses

Many companies and industries simply have three categories of Confined Spaces Low risk, Medium risk & High risk all of which are awarded NVQ level 2 status and mirror the water related courses.

1 Day Level 2 Low Risk Confined Spaces

1 Day, 6150-51 Low risk level 2 confined spaces course

The one day course is the lowest entry level training course which includes both theory and practical. The theory covers legislation, confined spaces and classifications, paperwork, gas monitors and alarm levels and fall arrest equipment. The practical element will include an entry into a confined space utilising the monitor and fall arrest equipment where the entrant will maintain line of sight with the topman. Note this does not include use of the escape breathing apparatus and typically only one person will be entering the chamber remaining attached to the fall arrest equipment.

Individual cost £185 which is inclusive of £40 registration fee and no VAT to add

2 Day Level 2 Medium Risk Confined Spaces

2 Day, 6150-52 Low risk level 2 confined spaces course 

Within the construction/utilities confined spaces suite, this is by far the most popular and practical course that people do and mirrors the 6150-02 water course. This covers everything in the 6150-51 low risk course as well the use of the escape breathing apparatus and normally involve group entries. This also means the entrant will be traversing the spaces and moving away from the point of entry out of sight of the topman

Individual £365 which is inclusive of £40 registration fee and no VAT to add

3 Day Level 2 High Risk Confined Spaces

3 Day, 6150-53 How risk level 2 confined spaces course

Similar to water 6150-03 High Risk and meets the identical requirements with the exception that you simply call the chamber high risk rather than NC4.  Due to the nature of the high risk entry a Permit to Work system will almost always be in use. It should be noted that when working in medium risk chambers people may have beards and facial growth as you can have appropriate escape sets with neck seals rather than face masks that cater for that. This is not the case on high risk when you are wearing Full Breathing Apparatus to purposely entre a know hazardous environment. For this you must wear a mask type set and ensure you have a good face seal. To that end it is always recommended that entrants are clean shaven.

Individual Cost £495 which includes £40 C&G Registration fee and no VAT to add

         Low Risk                   Medium Risk                                                                  High Risk

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