City & Guilds 6150 Scheme for Confined Spaces

City & Guilds 6150 Confined Spaces SchemeThese courses must be run at approved centres and are more expensive because of the duration and C&G Registration fees.

City & Guilds 6150 scheme confined spaces courses
Please note all prices listed assume cleared payment is made within 14 days of training.
Delayed payment will result in increased charged see


1 Day Working in Low Risk Confined Spaces (NC1)
C&G 6150-01 Water UK / C&G 6150-51 Utilities & Construction   


Ideal for people who need a working knowledge of Confined Spaces and only need to go into low risk areas and have an awareness of the associated paperwork

This does not include use of Winch, Tripod, Harness or Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA)

*Individual Cost £160* Reduced rates for 5 or more students

2 Day Working in Medium Risk Confined Spaces with Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) for Self-Rescue (NC1-3)
C&G 6150-02 Water UK / C&G 6150-52 Utilities & Construction  NC2

This is the most popular C&G Confined Spaces training course which allows entry into Medium Risk Confined Spaces as well as Low Risk Confined Spaces.

This includes use of Winch, Tripod and Harness for entry into NC2 spaces. This is normally only big enough for a single person and is where the entrant can always be seen from the entry point and the entrant can typically exit within 30 seconds.

NC3 4L
This also includes entry in to NC3 Medium Risk Confined Spaces where you may have multiple entrants and they traverse away from the entry point. Each entrant should then have their own Escape Breathing Apparatus (EBA) and individual Gas Monitors as they can not exit within 30 seconds and/or they can not be seen from the entry point.

*Individual Cost £385* Reduced rates for 5 or more students No VAT to add

3 Day Working in High Risk Confined Spaces with use of Full Breathing Apparatus (BA). (NC1-4)


C&G 6150-03 Water UK / C&G 6150-53 Utilities & ConstructionNC4

Use of Full Breathing Apparatus to enter a known hazardous area, also includes use of EBA and allows entry into medium & low risk confined spaces as per the 6150-02 course

This includes everything on the 6150-02 course as well as use of Full Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and use of the BA control board for recording entry details

*Individual Cost £510* Reduced rate for 5 or more students
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